Color correcting is that one makeup step you’re probably missing.

It may probably seem a little crazy putting bright green, blue or purple on your face but they can actually help and conceal better and make your skin look more radiant. Well, you probably don’t have to do this every time but for some of you who has no idea what color correcting is, here are the basics:


Each colors neutralizes the unwanted tones of your skin. For instance, the color green conceals any reddish area like a pimple while yellow conceals violet and blue tones which could be broken capillaries or bruises.

After moisturizing and priming your skin, apply the color corrector to areas like dark spots, under eye circles, scars and blemishes with a concealer brush (clean fingers are perfectly fine). Blend it using a makeup sponge, and the next step would be applying your foundation and concealer.

Here’s a recap:

Green:  Neutralizes redness (rosacea, irritation, acne, birthmarks, rashes)

Yellow: Conceals blue or purple tones (bruises, broken capillaries, age spots)

Purple: Diminishes unwanted yellow undertones (dull complexion, dark spots, old bruises)

Pink: Hides signs of fatigue (sallow skin, dark circles)

Orange: Masks deep discoloration on darker skin tones (dark spots, sun damage, acne scars)

Blue: Neutralizes orange discoloration (hyperpigmentation, sun spots, self-tanner stains)