#InstaBabe: @LeaGoesOn

Lea Ann wears too many hats and that’s not a bad thing.


Long before this interview, she was a photographer and a cafe owner in Cebu City. Now residing in the tropical paradise that is Siargao Island and managing Arka Hayahay, she added a few more hats to wear — a traveler, surfer, and influencer.

In between preparing vegan pancakes, she takes time to tell us what her life is outside the realms of Instagram and what it feels like to come home to the scent of her sheets after traveling the world.


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Hi Lea! I’ve read that you’re an HRM graduate. What are other things people don’t know about you?

Yes, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in hotel and restaurant management from the University of San Carlos in Cebu. I am very socially awkward.


You’re practically a mermaid without scales. How did the transition become from living in the urban city like Cebu to the serene islands of Siargao?

I actually grew up in the province of my papa in Misamis Occidental spending time swimming with my cousins in the river, catching fish and cruising with the boat during weekends. It’s the kind of life I’m already used to just before we moved to Cebu to study so it’s not much of a change.


Do you consider yourself as an online personality? What’s life outside the internet?

Not at all. Maybe more like an influencer since I get messages from people telling me that I help them love their skin color, body and that I inspire them to do more in life. When I’m offline, I’m just in the water.


You’re a traveler yourself, going to Europe and other countries every now and then. What’s the best thing about coming home?

It’s the familiar scent of my sheets.  It’s good to return to something familiar after going some place where everything is strange.


What’s your take on fashion and style? Especially that you’re living in a tropical paradise. Is it still a major part of your island life?

I still like to dress up whenever I’m on the island. I like printed rompers a lot. They’re my go-to outfits.


How do you take care of your skin?

I just started applying coconut oil to my entire body before going to bed. I don’t do anything to my skin before but applying coconut oil just make me feel better. Et voila!


Random questions:

One piece, two piece?

Two piece.

Instagram filter or VSCO Cam filter?


Surfing or Swimming?


Cebu or Siargao?

My mind says Siargao but my heart will always be in Cebu.

A theory — Lea Goes On is a wordplay of Life Goes On… True or false?


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