#ModelCrush: Zamantha Dy


While shooting a digital campaign for BOBSON Japan, we caught up with fresh-faced, model and TV Host, Zamantha Dy to talk about travelling, skin regimen, and iced coffee.


Quiet Curator: Hi Zam, introduce yourself. What’s your story?

Zamantha Dy: Hello, I’m Zam, 21 years old. I’m from Baguio City. I’m a travelmagazine TV show host in ABS-CBN TV 3 Baguio.


QC: What’s your favorite place here in the Philippines?

ZD: The farthest and my most favorite I’ve been to so far, in the Philippines, is Palawan.

QC: You haven’t been to Mindanao?

ZD: Not yet, but my goal is to visit Mindanao someday.

QC: If the channel asked you to travel to Tawi-tawi or Basilan, where would you go?

ZD: Why not go to both?


QC: How long have you been modelling?

ZD: Professionally, less than a year. But I’ve been collaborating with different designers and photographers even before that.

QC: What’s your favorite photo of you?

ZD: That’s so hard! I can think of favorite photos of other people but not myself.

QC: What’s your beauty regimen?

ZD: I just like taking care of my skin and face. I wash my face every morning and night, sometimes I wash it twice — after removing make-up and before applying toner. After that, I then apply emulsion and moisturizer.

QC: You graduated BA Information Design in Ateneo de Manila. How is that related to hosting and modeling?

ZD: It’s not related at all! I’m actually really introverted, so it came as a shock, even to me, when I started hosting on television.


QC: If you were to choose between Manila and Baguio, what would you choose?

ZD: Baguio.

QC: Snapchat or Instagram?

ZD: Instagram!

QC: Ukay-ukay or brand new?

ZD: Ukay!

QC: Cold or hot?

ZD: Hot.

QC: Summer or rainy season?

ZD: Summer!

QC: Iced coffee or Iced tea?

ZD: Iced coffee.

QC: Lip balm or Lip gloss?

ZD: Lip balm!


Photographed by Aidx Paredes

Clothes from Bengt Enrique

Shot at Art Personas Studio