Remembering Amy


It would be easy to spin the Amy Winehouse story as that of a ruined starlet, but this documentary gives us a more interesting one – of a woman who reacted to extreme pressure by trying to vanish. – Henry Barnes

Through Asif Kapadia’s moving documentary entitled “Amy”, more and more people are changing their views of the late iconic jazz star who have been known by her abusive use of drugs and alcohol. The film brought out the good that more than justifies her bad which will leave audiences wanting to get more of her life facts.

To follow up the success of the film, Charles Moriarty’s unpublished photos of Amy Whinehouse are compiled to come up with a curated Photobook of her. The Photobook, entitled “Before Frank”, has now successfully reached its funding goal and is now available for pre-order in Before Frank Website which will be shipped on September 2016.

Some of unpublished photos of Amy Whinehouse before the debut of her first album,”Frank”.

amy 1 amy 2 amy 3 amy 4 amy 5

Before Frank’s Video Trailer

Source: Before Frank