“It is brief and rare, so it makes it challenging to capture, but also more rewarding to witness,” says Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze, who uses the light to maximum effect in his ongoing series and photo book The Blue Moment.

In photography, the golden hour is a period after sunrise and again before sunset, during which the sun casts a hazy, golden hue over the landscape. Daylight is redder and softer that it bathes the world in flattering light.

On occasion, there is a much shorter period after sunrise and before sunset wherein the landscape is enveloped in a saturated, almost surreal, shade of blue. This is referred to as the Blue Hour. This characteristic is based on the fact that there is neither full daylight nor complete darkness as the sun is below the horizon, it typically occurs 30 to 40 minutes before twilight.





Source: Wired

Photo Credit: Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze