The Right Shade of Red

Not all lipstick shades are for everyone as we all have our own skintones and undertones and not everyone can rock that dark, vampire red lipstick shade. You’re lucky if all shades suit you.

Your undertone could either be cool, neutral, or warm. Here are four different tests to help you find your undertone!

1 Jewellery – If you think silver looks good against your skin, you probably have a cool undertone but if it’s better in gold, then you have a warm undertone.

2 Clothes – Which color are you better in? If you look great in shades of blues or greens you’re more likely to have a cool undertone and if you look better in yellow or orange-reds then you have a warm tone.

3 Veins – If the veins in your wrists look blue then you have a cool tone. If it looks green then you have a warm tone.

4 Tan – If you’re under the sun and your skin doesn’t burn, you probably have a warm undertone and if it does the opposite, you have a cool one.

Now, if you’re inclined to wear both in all of those tests, you have a neutral undertone. This however, is just a guide to assess and help you where to start when trying out shades. Eventually you will discover the correct shade through some trials and errors but you can always ask for assistance when purchasing.