Polish artists, photographer Ula Kóska and makeup artist Beata Bodja collaborated on this beautiful Slavic-themed photoshoot wherein it highlights traditional Polish folk culture. Wreaths and flowers played an important part in both religious and secular ceremonies such as marriages, funerals, festivals and Easter. The wreaths in the pictures were made according to traditional methods- a technique that involves tightly twisting paper into flower shapes that comes from the Polish “Opoczno” area is applied.

In this photo series, it shows that every Slavic country has its own unique version of this striking form of traditional accessory through breathtaking designs. Showcasing the Polish folk culture in a staggering fashion.




Ethnic Bride

Photo: Ula Kóska
Model: Joanna Orzechowska
Makeup/Concept/Style: Beata Bojda

Source: BoredPanda