For this month’s #ShoeStories, former Preview Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Pauline Suaco-Juan shares her favorite shoes and the stories that come with them.

Snakeskin slingbacks with lucite heel from Aperlai


I wore this to the 2012 Preview Ball; they were the first pair of shoes I ever bought online. I remember looking up the brand after seeing them on Kate Bosworth, and falling in love with the entire collection, which utilized snakeskin and shagreen, some of my favorite materials. As you would expect, they shoes were very expensive, and since this Parisian brand was relatively obscure, they were very difficult to find. I found them on one year after—with additional discount on top of the sale price—as I was searching for shoes for the BDB. I bought them right away (and four other pairs from that same collection as the price continued to drop through sale season). They arrived the morning of the party. Honestly, I do not know what I would have worn if they didn’t make it.


Black patent So Kate pumps (120mm) from Christian Louboutin


These are really the most versatile pair of shoes in my closet, and I wear them (and dance in them) all the time, even if they hurt. These are the sexiest shoes ever, and were a gift from Vince Uy, after a Preview shoot in Paris, where I told him and Daryl not to come back home without these pumps. I had been obsessed with the Louboutin Pigalle pumps, but I couldn’t find them anywhere. They were always out of stock. The So Kates were an updated version of the Pigalle, that Christian had created for Kate Moss. Luckily there was a fresh delivery of the So Kates just as Vince and Daryl arrived in the boutique.


Boots with buckles and braid from Vionnet


I loved these the moment I saw them on, but they were ridiculously tagged at over a thousand dollars and I couldn’t bring myself to buy them at full price. Actually almost all of my designer shoes are bought on sale, and I make sure I can pay up front, not on a lay-away plan (‘cos to me it means I can’t afford it if I have to use credit). I remember vigilantly looking at these every couple of days and hoping that no one would buy them. I was quite sad when they sold out, but I found them again on a season or two later, discounted but still out of my price range. When they were marked down thirty percent, I remember asking Jacqui Salonga if I should get them, and she asked if I was willing to take the risk that someone else would buy them while I was waiting for the price to go down. I wasn’t. So I bought them. But the price continued to go down and bottomed out at around $300. I often wonder how much lower I could have got them if I didn’t cave in.


Blush colored leather bow slides from N°21


There was a time all my seat mates in Preview were seriously obsessed with N°21’s Ronny bow slides (They ended up purchasing versions of the heeled one, while I got the flats). We searched in boutiques and department stores during trips abroad, online, on Instagram, but these were new to the market and had not yet been well distributed. I found mine in a boutique in Cyprus and bought these for my birthday. They arrived the day before Preview’s 20th anniversary party, but I chose to wear a different pair. Ironically, it took another six months before I first wore them.


Fendi Bugs pumps


These were the shoes I wanted to wear for the Preview 20th anniversary party, but they were on pre-order and would not be available in time for the bash. The moment they went on sale, I was alerted by, and I bought them on my mobile phone on the way to Philippine Fashion Week, which was then held in Chaos in City of Dreams. I was so absorbed in my purchase (I couldn’t figure out why my Paypal account kept getting rejected) that I didn’t notice my driver took the wrong route, so we got stuck in traffic!


Image Courtesy: Pauline Juan