Photographer Chris Forsyth finds fascination in underground networks that comprise the modern-day city dweller’s daily commute.

His artistic undertaking, dubbed The Metro Project, started as a school assignment back in October 2014. He began exploring various tunnels in Canada and found inspiration in the diversity of the architectures. Soon, he brought his camera to other cities such Berlin, Munich, Prague, and Stockholm.

Most of his images are devoid of human subjects, highlighting the artistry, lighting, and colors of the architecture. As he describes: “I hope to show how beautiful these public spaces can be. Traveling through these stations day in and day out can become very monotonous. Looking ahead, or down at our phones, we can easily take for granted all of the gorgeous architecture, art and design around us.”

He encourages everyone to share the photos of their everyday travels with the Instagram hashtag #themetroproject.

Source: My Modern Met

Photo Credit Chris Forsyth