The Risks of Pore Strips

Sometimes the fix might be the problem.

You’re probably familiar with pore strips and how satisfying they really are. But as much as it should help, it’s not the best thing for your skin in the long run. Yes, they’re useful for removing those annoying blackheads but according to prevent the blackheads from reappearing again. This means that they’re only good for removing the top layer of gunk and leaving the rest of the skin unaddressed.

They strip the skin’s natural oil and lack of natural oils will make your pores vulnerable and much more prone to irritation. This can lead from blemishes to stretched-out pores to build-ups of pustules under the skin. Which is why it is advisable to do it no more that once per week. 

It could also scar your skin if you keep stripping the skin over and over in a certain area if not properly treated. It is also said that pore strips can be too abrasive, both physically and chemically. They could aggravate your other skin disorders whether you have a textbook sensitive skin or suffer from a condition like rosacea and make everything worse.

If you have thin skin, of if you consistently get chemical peels, using pore strips might make you much susceptible to broken capillaries or the permanent dilation of superficial blood vessels also known as spider veins.

It is important to know all of these things if you’re planning to add pore strips to your beauty routine every week so you’d know why and what to do to avoid damaging your skin.

Source: Marie Claire