Getting Dressed with Uniqlo Lifewear

Uniqlo Lifewear ponders on the inquiry, “Why do we get dressed?” in its first ever global campaign. Created by Droga5 New York, the campaign highlights what clothing means to people.

But for whatever reasons people choose their clothes, a certain outfit at its best doesn’t really draw attention to itself; it reinforces who they are, illuminating themselves in a crowd full of strangers.

“Our endless curiosity to explore the meaning of clothing is at the heart of our new campaign,” implies John Jay, president of global creative at Fast Retailing, Uniqlo’s parent company. “By producing a global brand message from Japan, we are being authentic to our origin and who we are.”

This first global push is conspicuous: The Japanese yen is currently strong, putting pressure on the company, and Uniqlo’s business is underperforming in the US. The campaign’s purpose is to reinforce Uniqlo’s values—a “relentless commitment to quality, functionality and style”—to a distracted Western market while expressing its Japanese roots.

And while its look and feel may ring foreign to some, the questions explored here remain somehow both personal and universal, their relatability woven in almost seamlessly. They may even give pause when, tomorrow, as they run their fingers over the many options sitting patiently on their hangers.