There are makeup techniques and methods that are either learned from friends, Youtube tutorials, Pinterest, or just by doing it on our own. However, there are a few general rules that should be followed when it comes to basic makeup application to avoid those blotchy blush, a face full of bronzer or an overdone contour.

Here are some of the fundamental techniques you should know:



This is best known as a cover up for under-eye circles or breakouts and such. But it could also be used as a transformative product that can accentuate and highlight your natural structures and features. 



You may have heard about this from the Kardashians, especially from Kim and her strobing guides. They are quickly becoming the go-to product of celebrities and makeup artists for looks gracing the runway, red carpet or editorial looks. 



Applying blush to our skin makes us look refreshed and healthy from looking tired, dull and sickly. Blush may seem like one of those products that you would probably simply swipe on as you make and rush your way out to the door but one wrong flick and you’re out looking like a clown. Avoid it by using the correct amount or blush and shade for your skin color.


If you haven’t heard about this then you’ve living under a rock for the past few years now. The contouring craze has been going to strong for a couple of years now and picking up steam with every tutorial that hit every social media. 



Sun-kissed skin shouldn’t just be for the summer or sunny days. You can achieve that glow look all-year-round with the right products and the right techniques.