Originally trained with a fine art background, Los Angeles-based artist Jess Rotter’s path has been shaped by her love for music. Early experiences working with record labels altered the course of her artistic direction, moving her towards illustration with a heavy ’70s inspiration. Classic rock ‘n’ roll and funk can be seen in her line-heavy sketches and in the design of the physical objects she’s worked on like album sleeves and concert merch. Even now, although her home studio is clean and clutter free (she’s recently moved away from traditional artistic mediums gone completely digital), musical flair can be seen everywhere — shelves brim with records and framed tour posters adorn the walls.

Our third and final edition of Pen & Surface challenged Jess to bring her retro, psychedelic style to the HYPEBEAST logo. Recently captivated by the marble sculptures she saw on a trip to Italy, her illustration on the Microsoft Surface brings together baroque art and HYPEBEAST for an old-meets-new dichotomy that very much resembles Jess’s own career merging the 1970s with the 21st century.



Source: Hypebeast.com