Filipino fashion designer Renan Pacson is now the new creative director of Art Personas’ in-house fashion brand, ARIN. Read on as we talk about his own brand, him designing for ARIN and his involvement in the ever-growing Philippine fashion industry.


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I. Renan Pacson as a brand

Your aesthetic is basically retro/ outerwear, gender neutral. What else?

It’s androgynous. It’s streetwear and somehow before in my past collections, I tried to be as sustainable as possible. I tried to used plastic bottles and pine.


It’s just me. it was a natural discovery. The brand was more of an extension of my personal aesthetic.

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II. Personal

What pushed you to pursue designing?

I first finished Hotel and Restaurant Management and then I took my second degree in fashion designing in Diliman. Then I first worked in UAE for four years doing couture. I learned the technique but eventually got exhausted as its not my aesthetic. It’s very different from my own.

How did fashion impact your life?

I just really enjoy reading mags. I’m always curious how to make dress and an image out of the magazine. I still consider myself a fashion outsider- I do not really get too involved in the whole industry. I try to be low-key and to keep a space between me and the industry.

Maybe because my aesthetic is still kind of a nitch and the industry still embraces the couture.DAY 3 Renan Pacson_0004s_0003__CG_7245


Favorite part as a designer?

Creating. The excitement- definitely not the glamour, thats why I’m staying away from the mainstream fashion. Or when i see a stranger wearing my clothes.

What makes your designs different from other outerwear?

Its a mix of a sporty and dark and rock and roll and the sustainability factor.

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How do you balance creativity with business?

I got lucky with the supporters. At first it took me years too build up. But I got more interested in the business side of fashion and well, I surround myself with people who know the business.


III. Renan Pacson x ARIN

What’s your own take on ARIN?

Im a witness of the birth of ARIN. Youthful, sexy and hubadera.


How about as the new creative director for ARIN?

ARIN has its own identity and I respect that. I’ll continue it but of course you could expect a bit of Renan Pacson edginess to it.

What shall we expect on the next Renan Pacson collection?

It’ll still be streetwear or menswear but I’m planning to elevate Renan Pacson into a more conceptual.

What is it like designing from gender neutral to girly girl?

I love challenges. But I’m excited.


Motto in life?
Enjoy life. Embrace opportunities of learning something new.


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