Red, yellow, pink, green, blue, purple and orange. When I think of all these shades, I think of the endless opportunities that they bring … for eye makeup. I love blending eye shadow shades and I know things can get a bit “muddy” if the wrong color combos are used. To help you avoid a makeup meltdown, I’ve included some of my favorite shadow pairings for you to try at home!

 Gold & Brown

Eye Shadow Tutorial

This is my favorite combination for day-to-night glam. This dynamic duo makes a subtle smoky eye, and the result is both elegant and striking. Pro tip: To achieve this understated smoky eye, make sure you abstain from using black shadow or liner. Your deepest shade should be a rich brown. Also, I recommend creating your smoky eye before applying your face makeup. That way, if you get any shadow fall-out, you won’t have to worry about messing up the rest of your makeup.

 Burnt Orange & Navy

Eye Shadow Tutorial

Burnt orange really pops on the lid, creating a point of focus. Navy, when, blended into the lash line provides a nice contrast and lends a trendy edge. All you have to do is dust the lid with your burnt orange shadow and buff it out just past the crease. Then, smudge your navy shadow into the lash line using a short, flat shadow brush. Pro Tip: I like to use a concealer brush to apply my navy shadow as it is compact and delivers the perfect smudgy effect.

 Cream & Taupe

Eye Shadow Tutorial

Matte cream and taupe make such a classic shadow pair that work great for any outfit and any occasion. One of my favorite ways to use these shades is to wash the lid with your cream shadow and work the taupe into the crease and outer edges of the eye.

Rose & Champagne

Eye Shadow Tutorial

With spring in the air, rose and champagne shadows are “must-haves” for every woman’s cosmetic wardrobe.  This look is simple. Apply the champagne to the whole lid, extending past the crease. Pop the rose on the top lid, stopping at the crease. Blend the shadow well so the color transition is seamless.

 Neon Blue & Lime Green

Eye Shadow Tutorial

Another spring shadow combo I just can’t get enough of is neon blue and lime green. Now, this is not a pair for the faint of heart.  When I saw these two shades on the runways this season, I just swooned. There are a couple ways you can make these two neon shades work for everyday use. First, try using them as eyeliners, with lime green along the top lash line and blue on the lower. You can also dust a lime green shadow all over the entire top lid stopping at the crease, and splash a little neon blue on the outer corner of the eyes, blending upward!

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