If we had a dollar for every time our early morning commute stressed us out, we’d be billionaires by now. That’s why most of us dread those days when we took our time getting dolled up only to look crappy by the time we arrive to school or work. Worry no more, for we’ve rounded up five beauty essentials that can keep you well-groomed and fresh while on the move.

Oil Blotter

Rush hours cause us stress, and stress makes our sebaceous glands act up. To save our skin from the shine, use oil blotters! Oil blotters really work wonders (whether in sheet or balm form), whisking away grease while keeping your skin matte without removing your make-up.

Face Mist

Perk up your face and give it a spritz when traffic starts to suck the life out of you. A face mist will be handy not just during your commute, it can refresh you any time of the day.

Lip Balm with SPF

Truly a moisturizing must! Nourish your smackers with lip balm especially during a windy commute to prevent dry, chapped lips. Just make sure to swipe one with SPF so you can protect your lips from the scorching sun.

Dry Shampoo

Better not leave without dry shampoo, for it works like a charm! This easy-peasy solution instantly cleans your locks, removes the smoke-y smell, while keeping oil at bay. No one will know you’ve been through a stressful travel!


Who said you should only use sunscreen while on the beach? Whenever you’re out especially during commute, sunscreen should be your best friend. It can help you avoid any skin damage, so lather up!

Now, waste no time and keep these these anti-haggard products in your bag at all times to save you from your hellish commute!