Every woman deserves to splurge on a truly flattering formal evening dress. Your wardrobe is simply incomplete without one. And don’t think that you are merely wasting your money spending on a luxurious evening gown; there will be plenty of chances to flaunt this beauty – cocktail parties, wedding receptions, formal dinner parties and even glamorous beach parties. And when it comes to formal evening dresses, sky is the limit.


In fact, today you will find a wide range of sexy evening dresses and even some gorgeous plus size evening dresses with just a simple research. And when your choices are so many, it’s bound to feel confused. After all, you want this gown to be your go-to outfit for all formal occasions, so that you can wear it multiple times and get the most value for money. So, is there a specific style of dress you should look for? Are there rules to follow if you want to pick a gorgeous evening gown that will look equally good on your 3 years down the line as it does today?

Yes, there is a simple method. When shopping for formal evening dresses, the thumb rule is to look for a timeless, elegant dress that has a classic cut to suit your personality. It should flatter your body type and bring out the best in you. And for that, we have just three ‘Core Principals’.

1.       Pick a Timeless Style

While it’s very possible to also find cheap evening dresses, most worthy formal evening gowns will cost a bomb. Hence, look for timeless appeal. A dress made of classy satin, delicate lace trimmings, and a chic cut in crepe will all look elegant on you, no matter what your age. Whether you want to pick a sheath dress that shows off your small waist, an empire waist dress that always looks so chic, or a vintage style A-line dress, its best to not just pick something that is trendy right now but will still be in-vogue many years from now.

Take a look at this two-tone sheath dress – its elegant, it’s graceful and it’s timeless.


Similarly, this beautiful satin gown will flatter your figure and look chic for any occasion.


I simply love this elegant white gown. The one-shoulder look, the detailing on the shoulder strap, and the fitted bodice shows off a perfect waistline and then flares at the bottom to create a stunning visual effect. Its understated timeless elegance is perfect for any occasion, be it a night party or a day time formal function.


2.       Choose a Style That Looks As Good As It Feels

Now, when it comes to long evening dresses, not all fabrics will do justice to your figure. This is why; you must pick something that is best suited to your own body. It should look flawlessly elegant on you, not just on the mannequin. Figure out what your best assets are, and then accentuate them while you downplay your problem areas. If you have a slight paunch but sexy toned arms with a flaunt-worthy cleavage, halter evening dresses are perfect for you.

This gorgeous black dress is spectacular and will get you noticed. It’s cut out to look ravishing on any woman with a shapely upper body and the beautiful silver work camouflages any figure imperfections.


For those with body issues, a dress made with luxurious fabric in a rich vibrant color can make all the difference. This burgundy dress is simplistic in design, giving you a lot of flexibility when it comes to accentuation with the right jewelry, but the cut is timeless and will flatter any body type.


3.       Try a Bold, New Look

If you want to look truly ravishing, experiment a little with styles, cuts and colors. Most people think black, blue or red when they think of a formal gown. In fact, many dresses in basic, neutral color can create a rather impactful look with the detailing alone; and sometimes also because they highlight your best assets.

If you love your slim legs and tones arms, this beautiful white evening gown can look truly glamorous.


One of my personal favorites, this one shoulder sheath dress in ivory with gathers at the waist has a truly timeless appeal. A simple yet elegant design, this dress is perfect for almost all occasions – an afternoon wedding, a formal lunch party, an official dinner with clients and even for a summer pool party.


This one is a classic dress. The ruffles, the jeweled belt, the sweetheart neckline and the one-shouldered look can seem like a tad much, but trust me, it is definitely going to make you look and feel like a Greek Goddess. And the flattering cut is perfect for all body-types.


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