5 Things You Should Never, Ever Wear on a Long Flight

Avoid any travel pains.

So you’ve got your visa ready, passport packed, a plane to catch, and…nothing to wear. We’d advise you not to overthink it too much, but let’s be real–you and I are the kind of girls who positively live for any excuse to dress up. Still, airport fashion (which is totally a thing, btw, just ask your fave K-pop stars) should, above all else, be comfortable! Below, we give you a guide to the top five pieces you should never wear on a long plane ride, if only because they’re bound to add to your inevitable travel pains.



 IMAGE Gab Gutierrez

Chances are you will most likely be asked to slip your footwear off for pre-flight inspection, so save yourself the time and almost-painful effort it takes to lace your shoes up again. Pick a pair that’s easy to slide on and off! You do not want to get left behind for being the group’s resident airport snail.



IMAGE Gab Gutierrez

If, like us, you haaate wrinkled clothes with a fiery passion, stay away from anything made of poplin. The classic shirting fabric may look prim and polished before boarding, but after six hours in a cramped airplane seat, you’ll end up looking like the hopelessly crumpled receipt lurking at the bottom of your carry-on luggage.



IMAGE Gab Gutierrez

Okay, if you still need us to elaborate on this one, let us pose just a single question: how will you, like, pee? Cabin lavatories are so not the place to wrestle with a wardrobe malfunction, girls.


IMAGE Gab Gutierrez

You can never tell when panicked running will be required of you (worst case scenario for emphasis: you’re about to miss your flight). Also, dare you attempt teetering down narrow, wobbly airplane aisles in those? Not a pretty sight. Spare yourself the embarrassment!



IMAGE Gab Gutierrez

White pants are actually risky in any situation, but nowhere more than on a plane–a jolt of mid-flight turbulence may or may not cause you to spill that drink on yourself, and you may or may not accidentally sit on something you really shouldn’t have. You don’t have to deal with the trouble!


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