6 Super Flattering Bathing Suits for Every Body Type

Bikini or one-piece, you choose! Want to channel a Bond girl? Have at it. Look trendy while ‘boarding? By all means. Flatter your butt like nobody’s biz? No shame in that game. We’ve got six styles that solve your swimwear issues—so you can focus on crushing it, not preventing nip slips.


best swimsuits for body type

Bikini top stabbing you in the boob like a dagger? Or—equally fun—creating unflattering skin folds where no real folds exist? Quit the underwire styles pronto and look for smooth fabrics, like the grosgrain elastic here, which stretch, support, and hug your curves without poking them. Also: Double-check that you’re wearing the right size—that in and of itself makes a world of difference.



best swimsuits for body type

Doing stuff—swimming, surfing, paddleboarding—is awesome until you realize you’re flashing a family of five. This number is functional and cute, with double bra straps to keep your girls on lockdown.

Booty Boosting

best swimsuits for body type

Full-coverage bottoms are demure, sure—but they don’t do your ass any favors. The best cut to enhance all butts—nonexistent or J.Lo-level—is this cheeky ruched style. The less fabric clinging to (and flattening) your backside, the better. It’ll make you look like you do squats for fun.

 Stomach Smoothing

best swimsuits for body type
Don’t feel like showing off your middle? No worries: This maillot keeps you covered, but sexily (the zippered front—ahem!). Plus, for those wanting a bit of tummy slimming, it has built-in shapewear.

Bust Enhancing

best swimsuits for body type

If you’re looking for a top that will emphasize your twin set without making you feel like you’re strapped into a flotation device, try a long-line design with structured boning—all lift, no bulky padding.

$50, Tops

best swimsuits for body type

No lie: Some beach getups cost more than the actual beach getaway. But this chevron-printed standout is proof that major moolah and serious cuteness aren’t a committed couple.

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