7 Cheapest Shopping Destinations in the World

Thinking about shopping for the holidays? Skyscanner lists the best destinations!

There are people who travel for experience, leisure or plain sight-seeing. But there are some who travel for the sole purpose of shopping. There are two kinds of shoppers: those who shop down to the last penny; and those who make out the most of their wallets—the cheaper find, the better.

However, the best shopping destinations in the world sometimes are not the most pocket-friendly, that’s why to help the shopper on a budget, Skyscanner came up with 7 of the world’s cheapest shopping destinations.

1. Hong Kong

The best shopping destination in Asia is also one of the world’s cheapest. Hong Kong offers a world-class bargain unlike any other. Many tourists who have come to shop in Hong Kong left with a handful of items—at every cent’s worth, giving the shopping region an above satisfaction rate.

Borderline stalkers = Hong Kong shop clerks. For an experienced bargain shopper, a persistent clerk could mean an awesome deal; they mostly show you the ropes—if you don’t know what you want, the will tell you, even follow you around until you find it, if you are unsure, they will help you decide. Just a reminder: _never _get intimidated by a shop clerk for a great shopping experience.

2. Tokyo, Japan

Japan’s capital has every place for your every need: clothing, footwear, and of course, cutting-edge electronic gadgets without having to be pricey. So worry not when shopping in Japan, the Globe Shopper City Index reported Tokyo to be Asia’s fourth cheapest city and an affordable shopping destination.

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Teenage shoppers won’t be able to get over Harajuku where you can find easy on the pocket yet trendy clothing. For a variety of bargain shops and street shops where you can buy exotic spices and discounted garments and shoes, visit Ameyoko Arcade and walk out with both hands struggling to carry shopping bags. But don’t forget souvenirs, which come stylish and cheap at Hasegawa.

3. Madrid, Spain

At no less than 50,000 boutiques, Madrid certainly has a variety of goods to satisfy your shopping desire. Giant department stores, up and coming designer boutiques, weekly flea markets: this is what Spain’s shopping scene is all about. If you are a bold shopper and haggler, you wouldn’t want to miss El Rastro, Spain’s largest and most varied flea market taking place every Sunday. And though at any given day you could hop on every store in the area, be reminded that smaller stores close from 2 to 5 in the afternoon for the Spanish siesta.

4. Mexico

From around the world, shoppers seeking for a good bargain travel and flock in Mexico. Although not a manufacturing giant as China is, Mexico is just as great as a place to find designer goods that are manufactured locally and available in wholesale prices. In addition, the quality of their handmade products can’t be found anywhere in the Americas. Cheap and you get your money’s worth; now that, is smart shopping.

For more shopping opportunities, check out Puerto Vallarta that basically has anything Mexican-made on hand, given its location by the harbour, cruise ship passengers wouldn’t hesitate to have a look. Even its nearby market, the marina boardwalk and the surrounding streets’ shops are at a good shot in your wallet.

5. Bangkok, Thailand

Apart from its tourism and good accommodations, Thailand’s largest city, Bangkok, is also a cheap shopping destination. Huge outdoor markets, some only open on weekend and at night, shops of all types—clothing, handicrafts, electronic gadgets—name it, they have it; and all these goods are sold at clearance-like prices. The trick is to never accept the first price, because you must bargain (but only on market stalls) for a better price.

6. Prague, Czech Republic

There’s no place for cheap shopping in Europe. Wrong. Because Czech Republic’s capital, Prague in Eastern Europe offers good deals on a variety of domestic and imported products. Even people from the western side of Europe travel to Prague for a shopping vacation for lower and better-priced items compared to that of their goods back home.

7. Vietnam

Challenging the bargain-seeking adventurer in you? Go to Vietnam. The possibilities of finding anything (and that means everything) you are looking for are endless. Many travellers on a tight budget must have considered Vietnam heaven-sent because in many shopping situations, they can bargain the prices as low as one-third of the items’ original cost. Yet, you can be sure that you get the best quality, as many popular brands are manufactured in Vietnam.

Vietnam as a reputation of making high-class and carefully hand-woven fabrics, and handicrafts like bamboo ware, ceramics and lacquer, so if you decide to shop for such products, you can be sure to go home with the best.

It’s for you to decide: the best? The cheapest? Or the best and cheapest?

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