When you hear the name Newton, the first thing that will come to your mind is probably Isaac Newton, the man who gave us the Law of Gravity. But in the world of photography, Helmut Newton is just as big as the apple man. Let us get to know him through his name:


H is that he is HONEST

If there is one thing that can describe his art, is that it’s honest. He prefers shooting outside than inside studios. He likes to make his photos realistic but dramatic. He captures moments that comment about culture and social realities.

British Vogue, London 1967© Helmut Newton Estate / Maconochie Photography

E for he is ENIGMATIC

As cliché’ as it may sound, art is subjective and the audience interprets through their own experiences. His works leave the audience puzzles to be solved, giving them more appeal. Helmut’s photographs are a mystery, a cloud of curiosity that will stir interest that only he can achieve.

Nadja Auermann, Berlin, 1994

If it isn’t obvious already, we are talking about an icon in photography, and his legacy puts him as one of the legends of photography. A legend who does not consider his photographs to be works of art.

Self Portrait with Wife and Models, Vogue Studio, Paris 1981© Helmut Newton Estate / Maconochie Photography


M for his style as a MINIMALIST

A photographer who uses the automatic settings for his photos? Crazy, right? But for Helmut, the relationship between him and his subject is more crucial in producing photographs that communicates to the audience. He prefers to focus more on his frames and in capturing the moment more than complicated lightings and equipment to achieve an aesthetic.

© Estate of Helmut Newton

U for being UNFETTERED

Helmut continued to surprise the world throughout his whole career, photographs after photographs. His works covered taboo subjects that most photographers dare not to do or did not even think of even doing – sadomasochism, fetishism, and nudes in high fashion.

Jeff Koons & Cicciolina, Italy, 1991

And T for being a TRAILBLAZER

A man ahead of his time, Helmut is a brave soul who dared to portray women in his photographs as dominant and free from social boundaries present during his era.

Yves Saint Laurent, French Vogue, Rue Aubriot, Paris 1975© Helmut Newton Estate / Maconochie Photography



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