Think the Golden Age is a distant memory? Here are today’s equivalents of stars, ranging from Audrey Hepburn to Marilyn Monroe.

Audrey Hepburn & Natalie Portman

Dark hair, dark eyes and a radiant smile are just three of the qualities associated with both Hepburn and Portman. Also on the list: poise and grace, thanks to early training in ballet.


Grace Kelly & Gwyneth Paltrow

Blonde and blue-eyed, they put the class in classic beauty.


Elizabeth Taylor & Angelina Jolie

Two words: sex appeal. Like Taylor at her prime, Jolie simply oozes it.


Marilyn Monroe & Kate Upton

With blonde locks and sexy curves, Kate Upton has taken up the mantle from Marilyn, frequently posing in next to nothing.


Josephine Baker & Rihanna

A self-proclaimed admirer of Josephine Baker, Rihanna shares the American-born French performer’s tastes for pearls, fur and pushing the envelope.


Katharine Hepburn & Tilda Swinton

Although Hepburn pioneered the androgynous look 80 years ago, Swinton takes it to an edgy and contemporary new level.


Edie Sedgwick & Cara Delevingne

Free spirit, waif figure, dark eyebrows: Delevingne puts us in mind of the original “it girl.”


Lana Turner & Charlize Theron

Over-the-top glamour—marked by jewels, blonde waves and luxurious dresses—links these two silver-screen stars.


Bettie Page & Dita von Teese

Like the 1950s “Queen of Pinups,” Marilyn Manson’s raven-haired ex favors spike heels and retro lingerie, some of which she designs herself.


Rosalind Russell & Sandra Bullock

With elegant ease, these lanky ladies manage to look at once chic and down-to-earth.

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