Fringes can be the perfect solution to resuscitating a tired look – instantly transforming your appearance by framing your face, and adding a youthful energy or edgier feel to standard haircuts. But it’s not a choice to be taken lightly; as picking the wrong fringe could easily lay waste to all your well-intended hair efforts.

The truth is, what looks stunning on Keira Knightley might not necessarily work on you. So the key to selecting the right fringe is to take into account your hair type, the level of maintenance required and, most importantly, what works well with your face shape.

Worried that having a round face and full cheeks means you can’t pull of a fringe? Don’t be. The good news is that contrary to popular belief, there’s a fringe to suit all face shapes. A simple guide is all you need. So whether yours is long, square, oval or heart-shaped, see our tips below on how to pick the right fringe for you.

side fringes
Side fringes work great for round shaped faces.

Fringes for round-shaped faces

Not all fringes will have a plumping effect on the cheeks, so proud owners of youthful-looking round faces need not be fearful of cutting in bangs. Your answer lies in the side fringe. Because the ultimate goal for this fuller face shape is to add definition, side fringes are most definitely an ally, especially when they’re soft and sweeping in style. Just remember to steer clear of heavy or ultra straight, blunt bangs for the most flattering outcome.

choppy fringes for square faces
A choppy fringe with longer sides.

Fringes for square-shaped faces

For square-shaped faces, fringes are a good way to soften your angular lines. Stick to choppy, longer styles with tapered, wispy sides to flatter this face shape’s strong jawline. The best thing about this type of fringe? You don’t have to worry about it growing out, as longer lengths equal lower maintenance!

full fringes on long face
A heavy fringe suits a long face.

Fringes for long-shaped faces

This is one of the few face shapes that can rock a heavier fringe, which can be used to create the illusion of added width and fullness to the cheeks. For those with particularly slim faces, fuller-bodied bangs can help achieve this in combination with a blunt cut. What should you avoid if you have a long-shaped face? Bangs that are really short in length and baby fringes, which will only elongate your face further.

side fringes hairstyle
Sweeping side fringes are a safe bet.

Fringes for heart-shaped faces

The classic heart-shaped face has a forehead that is wider than the lower face and jaw, so the focus here should be on balancing out the proportions when picking a fringe. Side bangs are ideal as they will help create the illusion of a smaller forehead, but forget short and blunt fringe styles as they will only emphasise the upper half of your face and make the jaw look sharper.

black bob with fringe
Any type of fringe suits this face shape!

Fringes for oval-shaped faces

If you have an oval-shaped face, like Jessica Biel, Beyoncé or Joan Smalls, count yourself lucky, because this face shape is the most versatile of the bunch. The world is your oyster – at least when it comes to fringes – because there’s a huge variety of styles suit this face shape. From blunt and straight, to short and choppy options, oval faces can afford to experiment with most fringes.