Fashion Show Closet Essentials

If you’ve been invited to attend a fashion event, the first question you may be thinking is What do I wear? The pressure to piece something together that will leave an impression can be overwhelming and figuring out an outfit that will impress those who live and breathe fashion can seem like an impossible task. But to be honest, you don’t have to be dressed to the nines to cultivate a good impression. In fact, we suggest taking a “less is more” approach. Think classic and polished. Unless this is a formal event, keep a casual feel to your look. If you will be working during the occasion, you’ll want an outfit you can move around in. One of our favorite looks to opt for if you’re not quite sure how to dress is a statement blouse and jeans with a great fit. It’s sharp enough to look put together without the fear of looking overdressed for what could turn out to be a more casual occasion. Keep reading to learn how we piece together one of our favorite looks to wear to a fashion event.

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