Engineered Garments—the beloved New York–by-way-of-Japan label—is known for clothes that are full of eccentric details, yet still feel uncomplicated enough to wear on the regular. It’s this very balancing act that has earned the New York–based menswear label its unique reputation. Over the years, Engineered Garments has lent that quirky touch to more than a handful of footwear collaborations with the likes of Converse, Dr. Martens, Timberland, Hoka, and Vans, to name a few. One of the standouts has always been their charmingly off-kilter take on that last company’s famous Slip-On—and thanks to a recent restock, you can finally buy it online again.


Photo from GQ

This sought-after collaboration comes from Vault by Vans (the longtime shoemaker’s boutique sub-label) and offers a deliberately mismatched take on the classic slip-on sneaker. Engineered Garments has long played with this ill-assorted style, and it has become a signature of sorts for the brand’s footwear forays. At first glance, it may just look like an upscale version of your standard Vans slip-on—but a closer look reveals that the materials of the sneakers don’t match. One shoe’s main upper is suede; the other is leather. The collection of kicks includes a variety of colors, and online retailer Need Supply offers three of ’em: black, khaki, and navy. (You’ll have to head to Nepenthes in New York’s Garment District if you want to get your hands on the red or white colorways.)

Photo from Putthinson


Vans are designed to be timeless—and these are, even if you don’t know anything about a cult-grade company like Engineered Garments. Of course, they’re suddenly made even cooler if you can spot the subtle tweaks. Like most things that EG does, these sneakers are highly wearable, distinctly covetable, and above all extremely stylish. And that’s about all you can ask of a summer sneaker.

This article was originally posted on GQ.