If you’ve made it this far in life without any major hair dye disasters, you’re luckier than most of us mere mortals. Yup, the majority of us have struggled through many a hair color fail, and if you’re reading this after a dodgy dye job, fear not, I hit up Hershesons’ hair color expert, Mitra Mir, to get some pro advice on how to deal with the most common hair color disasters. From a quick fix to disguise the mess till your next hair appointment, to what you should to say to your stylist when you finally get in that salon chair, here’s everything you need to know…

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  1. The blonde looks yellow: A common concern for all the blondies out there, hair can quickly become yellow and barbie-like, especially if your using the wrong products.


Quick fix: Purple sits opposite yellow on the color wheel, so that’s the shade to opt for if you want to neutralize warm tones ASAP. “Go for a lightweight purple-toning shampoo and conditioner, like John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde Tone-Correcting Shampoo, £5.99 and Conditioner, £5.99”, recommends Mitra Mir.

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  1. The blonde is too ashy: You wanted an ashy blonde but it’s gone way too ashy; think, grey-meets-green.


Quick fix: “If it’s a toner that’s gone too ashy, use a clarifying shampoo like Head & Shoulders for the next few washes, it’ll help to strip out the color quicker. If that doesn’t work, use a warm, at-home hair color like L’Oréal Professional’s Colorful Hair in Coral Sunset. Mix it with a bit of conditioner and leave on for 5-10mins, then wash out. You’ll notice hair is instantly warmer and those ashy undertones will be neutralized” says Mitra.

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  1. The roots are a different color to the ends: The hair dye hasn’t taken as well to the roots and now they’re a totally different shade to the rest of your hair…


Quick fix: “As a short term fix, try color blending at the roots. Use something like the John Frieda’s Root Blur Color Blending Concealer, £9.99 to help disguise the shade difference. If that fails, sometimes the best option is the simplest; a tinted dry shampoo like Batiste spritzed into the roots can work wonders.” Explains Mitra.


  1. Super-stripy highlights: You wanted a few subtle babylights, instead, you got super-stripy, chunky highlights painted across your parting.


Quick fix: “A super quick trick is to use a colored dry shampoo” says Mitra, “simply spray it over the stripes to help blend them.” You can’t go wrong with a little Batiste, and thankfully they make tinted dry shampoos for blondes and brunettes, £6.49 each.

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  1. Dip-dye gone wrong: You wanted a gradual ombre, but have end up with a tell-tale line of color running across your locks…


Quick fix: “Sometimes the only thing to do is simply tie your hair up until you can get into the salon and have the color corrected.” Says Mitra. Hope is not lost though, “sections of your hair will naturally grow at different speeds, so this should help to break up any harsh color lines”.



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