The Biggest PMFF S9 Style Trends Worn By The FOP Cycle 5 Winners

From left to right, top to bottom: Justin wearing Dodjie Batu, Dalia wearing WIlbur Lang, Derrick wearing Chris Nick, Lovely wearing Jun Escario, Jamie wearing Marichu Tan, and Val wearing Kelvin Morales.

The 9th season of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival featured a variety of astonishing works from designers that have most definitely left a mark on everyone who has seen it. This season has certainly let new trends sprout out and dominate the runway that is most likely to hit as the biggest trends of the upcoming year. A great mix of designers was able to showcase their compelling looks; from fun colors to modern chic, designers that came from the high-end spectrum up to the fresh, emerging minds have claimed this season as their time.


We have spotted the hottest trends that hit the runway and have partnered with the winners of the 5th cycle of Face of the Philippines to show you guys just exactly what we’re talking about when we say that these trends have taken over the runway.


Print Domination

From left to right: Jamie, top by ARIN, Pants by Chris Nick; Lovely wearing ARIN. Justin, Derrick and Val wearing Renan Pacson

Prints were all over the runway this season. Taking on the classic printed pieces that revolve around polka dots, geometric shapes, and even graphic illustrations on different garments such as cocktail dresses and streetwear.


Derrrick wearing paisley sleeveless top by Renan Pacson

Lovely wearing polka dot dress by ARIN

Suit Up

From left to right: Val wearing Kelvin Morales, Derrick wearing Chris Nick, Justin wearing Dodjie Batu and Jamie wearing Chris Nick

Let’s face it, suits will never go out of style. It can only get better… and it has. These designers have incorporated suits into a whole new level of sleek and chic. The freshest take on the classic attire has brought the trend back bigger than ever.

Justin wearing velvet suit by Chris Nick


Jamie wearing beaded suit by Chris Nick

Colour Pop

Jamie wearing a yellow tiered dress by Marichu Tan

Showing off in this event is the noticeable rise of bright, eye-catching colors. It was seen in almost every designer’s pieces. From out-of-the-ordinary long gowns to suits. It brings a little bit more excitement to the collections of the designers.

Dalia wearing metallic Knife Pleat dress by Dexter Alazas

Val wearing purple terno suit by Kelvin Morales

Asymmetrical Goes Posh

From left to right: Dalia wearing Wilbur Lang and Lovely wearing Jun Escario

With the classic take on the revived One-shoulder trend, it has now been officially brought back into the trend. Hinting a touch of romantic chic and modern retro, this trend has caught everyone’s attention and just makes you want to slip on one of them while drinking a glass of champagne in your limousine.

Lovely wearing one-shoulder pantsuit by Steph Tan

Jamie wearing top by ARIN, pants by Chris Nick.

Val wearing backless notch suit by Kelvin Morales.

From left to right, top to bottom: Justin wearing Dodjie Batu, Dalia wearing WIlbur Lang, Derrick wearing Chris Nick, Lovely wearing Jun Escario, Val wearing Kelvin Morales and Jamie wearing Marichu Tan.

With the festive collection, this season has showcased, expect the 10th season to be more astonishing and confounding than ever. We are excited to see what this new batch of designers can offer us, and we can rest assured that it will be more than what anyone would expect.



Chief  Creative Officer: Mike Carandang

Creative Producer: Myk Feruelo

Photographer: Yuko Maki

Videographer: Migs Siongco

Graphic Artist: Mikee Mindanao

Makeup/Grooming/Hair: Maquillage Professionnel (@mpschoolofartistry)

Produced by: Art Personas, Inc.