Five street style trends during Fashion Week season

The street style fashion of Fashion Week is always amusing and is something to look forward to. More than the edginess street style clothes bring, statement-making accessories also dominate the streets just as on the runways. From Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, here are five street style trends that dominated the Spring/Summer 2019 season:



Hair clips


The hair clip trend is one of the emerging trends of Fashion Week season this year. From Paris to New York and in various shapes, designs, and sizes, the hair clip trend has been spotted both on the runways and the streets.



Silk headscarves


Another street style trend emerging are silk headscarves. Plain in color or in print, silk headscarves can be worn elegantly as is or as bows on top of ponytails.



Statement sunglasses


From New York to Paris, one key trend are statement sunglasses. With sharp, bold designs, statement sunglasses dominated the streets this Fashion season.



Neon colors


This Fashion Week dared to go bold with vibrant and neon hues. Fluroscent touches of pink, green, and orange appear on head-turning pieces and footwear.


Tiny, tiny handbags


A trend started by Jacquemus, mini handbag are one of the trends this year. Practical or not, it is undeniable that tiny, tiny handbags are definitely conversation starters.