From Paris Hilton to Regina George: This local designer’s PMFFX runway collection reminds us of our early 2000’s female icons

From Elle Woods of Legally Blonde, Regina George of Mean Girls and the early 2000’s queen bee Paris Hilton have one thing in common — they are associated with the color pink. From chick flick movies, music videos, to reality TV stars, pink was everywhere. As one of the most memorable quotes from the early 2000’s era would say “On wednesdays we wear pink!” — taken from the iconic movie Mean Girls, it is undeniable that pink was the color of the early 2000’s.

Ever thought of what would it be like to see these female icons walk down the runway — in pink, of course?

One of the segments that opened the first day of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival, fashion designer Yong Davalos captivated us with her collection “Wednesday”  which features various dresses, jumpsuits and more — that are all in pink!


The collection paid tribute to the iconic women in pink — such as Paris Hilton, Elle Woods, Regina George and more!

Yong Davalos’ “Wednesday” collection was showcased at the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival at EDSA Shangri-la, Marquee Tent, last April 2, 2019.

What do you think of this collection?