Tales in Red: This PMFFX collection conquers the runway with shades of red

The four day fashion event, Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival, was filled with emerging and prominent designers whose collections captivated many of us. Different trends and styles from various collections amazed the audience — one of which was John Herrera’s “London Calling” PMFFX runway collection.

The runway was filled with ensembles in shades of red, black and white, inspired by the colors of the city of London — making all of our heads turn. Some even say that the collection reminds them of on of the well-loved children’s tales, Little Red Riding Hood!

What also got our attention was the eagle prints that adds a sense of edginess to the entire collection.

Surely, this is one our Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival season 10 runway collections!

What do you think of John Herrera’s “London Calling” PMFFX collection?