Immortalizing Abdulmari’s Legacy: OBRA Typeface

We all have art seated in a very special place in our hearts; whatever the art form is, surely it lives within us. It is not just about aesthetics or posting Instagram-worthy pictures, but always about its essence. Today, an artist that has impacted our culture a lot is commemorated for his works, the incomparable Abdulmari Imao.

The first Tausug to be recognized as a National Artist for Sculpture, Abdulmari Imao

Abdulmari is a Filipino painter and sculptor and was named as National Artist of the Philippines for Sculpture in 2006, the first Tausug to receive such award. His contributions, such as ukkil, sarimanok and naga as his inspiration for his masterpiece, has shaped the nation.

Art pieces inspired by the new typeface, Obra.


In honor of the late Abdulmari, a new typeface has unveiled in his honor: the OBRA Typeface. Revealed in the infamous Ayala Museum, people can now witness an immortalized piece of art that can be used in our smartphones, paper, walls, even clothing.


Aesthetically pleasing art pieces are present in the exhibit.

The exhibit will also feature different Imao-inspired artworks and clothing from local artists, such as Renan Pacson, who created an apparel inspired with Abdulmari’s artworks and style. It will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., starting on May 7 and will last until May 30.