Our Hearts Can’t Go On with Celine Dion’s Carpool Karaoke

One week has passed and we still can’t go on with Celine Dion appearing in the Carpool Karaoke segment of The Late Late Show with James Corden.

James Corden got lost in Vegas, and just like his formula of doing Carpool, he contacts someone who can show him the way around the city, and in this case, Celine was the available one. The singer currently hosts a Vegas Residency in Caesar’s Palace and from its stage, Dion shows how she still got the voice that everyone loved. Here are some highlights of the Carpool segment:


It’s so hard to believe, but Celine’s still SLAYS!

The segment opened with the both of them singing Celine’s 1996 classic, “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now”. Hitting the notes in the ORIGINAL KEY, it just shows that her voice never left despite the years of continuous singing. Now that’s just LEGENDARY.

Celine still got the POWER as she sings her hit “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now”, as the episode opens.

Baby Shark (Dramatic Version)

James challenged Celine to do a dramatic version of the famous nursery rhyme, “Baby Shark”, and it resulted to the dramatic version WE DIDN’T KNOW WE NEEDED until now! With her signature chest bump, it was a version we all want to be recorded and released in her new album.

Baby Shark Celine Dion Version is what we want for her next album.

Generous, Unattached-to-Her-Shoes, Queen.

 James then opened up about Celine’s collection of shoes, which according to Celine, is now OVER TEN THOUSAND. James contacted her assistant and went on to get 25 pairs for a giveaway. Celine said she was unattached to her shoes but when James started giving random people a pair of Celine shoes, she lost it. But still gave them away, what a generous queen.

Being generous, Celine and James went on to give some of the diva’s shoes to random people on the streets.

Titanic Remake 2019

 The Carpool Karaoke ended with the both of them singing the Titanic theme song, “My Heart Will Go On”, then James felt that it lacked something so Celine suggested to do the most extra thing one can imagine while singing this song- a remake of the movie it was featured on. James and Celine became the modern Jack and Rose, riding in a yacht, across the famous Fountains of Bellagio, and it was ASTOUNDING!


Celine and James could be the modern Jack and Rose we ALL needed.

BONUS CLIP: Celine, All by Herself

Though we know it was a bit scripted, they still managed to do it as natural as possible. James then told Celine that they needed to fill up the tank so they went to a gas station, leaving Celine inside the car, alone. Celine decided to turn on the radio, and to her surprise, her hit “All By Myself” came on. And she did that by hitting the notes, ALSO IN THE ORIGINAL KEY!

Singing “All By Myself” in the ORIGINAL KEY, after 20 years it was released, solidifies the diva status of Celine Dion.

This episode of Carpool Karaoke will definitely go down in history as one of the best episodes in the entire series. Celine proving to the world, despite her long run in the industry, that she still can dominate with just her voice. A nod to one of the vocal greats in history, the amazing Celine Dion.