#ThursTea “BYE SISTER”: The James Charles x Tati Westbrook Saga

Over the weekend, the beauty community came to a rage when a 43-minute video exposing the truth bombs about a certain influencer went online.

Yes, we are talking about the James Charles and Tati Westbrook situation which led to James losing the most number of subscribers in one day. So what really went down to the whole drama? Here’s the simplified version of the whole saga.

Betrayals and Fair-Weather Friends

James Charles doing Tati’s Make-up for her wedding in 2017

To begin with, Tati Westbrook, a 37-year old beauty guru, paved the way for James Charles’ career. She helped James kickstart his own career and was very supportive of James’ endeavors and achievements. In simple terms, Tati and James have a special bond between each other, much likely, a family.

It all started when James Charles posted an Instagram Story promoting SugarBearHair, a beauty supplement brand which is very popular among beauty influencers in the US.


It started with James Charles’ IG Story where he was promoting SugarBearHair, the direct competitor of Tati’s beauty brand, Halo Beauty.

Tati has her own beauty brand named Halo Beauty and seeing the video, she felt betrayed and lost, she felt like no one is really a friend in the community they are in.

Tati Westbrook then uploaded her IG Story addressing her concern about being betrayed and lost in the beauty community.

The Tea-Spilling Moment

Gabriel Zamora, famous beauty influencer, sharing his opinions about the whole beauty community, including Tati and James’ issue.

Gabriel Zamora, another beauty influencer, uploaded a 42-minute video explaining his side of the issue, pointing more to Tati, accusing her of making the issue a big deal. To explain her side, the now iconic 43-minute video of Tati named “BYE SISTER …” was uploaded to her channel. And it’s not just an explanation, it was an exposé of all the scandals involving James Charles and some straight guys, interacting in a very disturbing and sexual way. People started picking things in the video which led to some people, surfacing, confirming the whole issue concerning James.

Tati uploaded a 43-minute video titled “BYE SISTER …” to tell publicly her side in the drama.

More Explanations and Backfired Response

Hours after the “BYE SISTER …” video, James uploaded an apology video addressing the issue.

 Hours after Tati’s video was uploaded, James uploaded his 8-minute video apology video addressing the issues and concerns about him from the “BYE SISTER…” video. In his “tati” video, James was very emotional, saying how painful for him to have his relationship with Tati and her husband be torn. He also addressed his scandals and saying he has learned in dealing with men saying he will do better next time.

But to some, the apology didn’t seem sincere enough, for it was just made hours after the Tati video came out. It felt like James was doing just damage control, and not really putting much though into the situation. With the severity of the issue, together with the insincerity, the response just backfired, and made James lose even more followers.


James Charles, losing more than a hundred thousand subscribers in his YouTube channel, every day, since the drama begun.

What happened next? James Charles losing subscribers, and not just hundreds, but hundreds of thousands, and now he has only approximately 13 million subscribers from 16 million. On the other hand, Tati gained more subscribers, from 6 million to 9 million in 3 days. So far, there are no signs of professional repercussions from the drama but the situation seems to go from bad to insane, as more and more people are surfacing, confirming the allegations surrounding James.

Tati treated James as family but after many years of trying to cover every mistake James has committed, she now wants to break ties with him.

We can learn a thing or two from the beef that went down this weekend, and probably that lesson involves friendship and trust. It is alright to pursue things that you really love and there is nothing wrong if you’re making money out of it but never forget the people who helped you achieve what you have now. That’s the #ThursTea moment of the day!



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