10 Funniest #RP612Fic That Will Make Even our Heroes LOL

It’s that time of the year again! Independence Day is not just an ordinary day for all of us. For some Filipinos, showing patriotism and revering the sacrifices of our early heroes are the best ways to celebrate the day. But for some, humor can also be a good way to remember history.


Let’s go down the rabbit hole and see the 10 of the funniest #RP612Fic tweets that can make Mabini get up off her chair and clap about it.


1. Jose Rizal is an Arianator

“Thought I end up with Leonor, but it wasn’t a match!”


2. Father’s Day (Circa 1980)

Never knew your sibling looked this good.

3. Black Mirror: The National Anthem (Original Version)

Choose your path. Business or Freedom?

4. Let’s kill this … fascist, imperial colonizer! Rampapampapampapam!

Get your light sticks ready blinks!!!

5. Katipunero’s, you’re doing amazing sweetie!

SE02E04: Kim Katipunera Goes Wild

6. Love love love lang talaga, no more wars na! Teka where’s Bimb?!

Our very own Miss Kris Everdeen, our mockingjay!


The very reason why Princess Mae can’t say macchiato correctly because of the trauma the war brought to them.

8. Me to the Spaniards: HiLu GuDmuRneeeeenG!

A warrior that is fresh from the farm! We stan Queen Erika!

9. Jose Rizal is also a Swiftie

Got a long list of ex lovers, they’ll tell you I’m insane!

10. You have slain an enemy!

‘Yan kaka-ML mo!!!


Happy Independence Month! No matter what way we celebrate it, let us always taste how much our forefathers fought for us to enjoy the freedom we’re having.