RAISE YOUR FLAGS! Meet the Women who Sewn our Flag

It’s 5 days before our Independence Day celebration but before we go and wave our flags, can we still remember how the flag is made? Sure we can always go back to its unfurling moment in Imus, Cavite but let us go a little farther and we will see who were the genius behind the flag.

The Philippine Flag is a symbol of freedom and independence for most of us.

Meet the three women who worked together in sewing the Philippine Flag: Marcela Marino de Agoncillo, Lorenza de Agoncillo and Delfina Herbosa de Natividad.

These three women is not just your ordinary ladies but they are the ones who sewn the Philippine flag.

The Philippine flag is composed of three fields: blue band at the top, red band at the bottom and a white equilateral triangle. Other notable symbols are the yellow sun with eight rays and in each corner of the triangle is a small yellow five-pointed star.

The Philippine Flag has undergone so many changes as years went by, from the sun having a face to changing the shade of blue.

An antique thimble, supposedly used by Marcela Agoncillo to sew the Philippine flag, sits inside a glass at Malacanang Museum. Accounts say that it only took her five days, together with Lorenza and Delfina to finish the flag. The women, during their time, were proud to help in the revolution by using their embroidery skills by creating revolutionary flags and banners. These acts inspired the men who fought in the battle zone, wearing the flags as their amulets or anting-anting.

This antique thimble is supposedly used by Dona Marcela Agoncillo as they are creating the first ever Philippine flag.

This Independence, we commend our heroes who fought physically during the revolution. But we must also never forget the women behind the strength of our men. Women are a part of our history and they should also be celebrated because of their heroic and patriotic acts for the country.