Three days ago, Taylor Swift released her another star-studded music video for her newest single “You Need To Calm Down”. And when we all thought that the roster of trending celebrities is enough to break the internet, we were shook when we all saw a familiar figure at the last minute of the video.

Katy Perry was the surprise celebrity cameo in Taylor Swift’s new music video.

Dressed as French fries, we see Taylor looking for someone to pair her up, as people in the background are having fun with their little food war. Then, the next scene answered Taylor even our question of who is she gonna be pairing up with: KATY PERRY in her Moschino Burger Outfit from the MET Gala 2019.

One of the scene stealers from the last MET Gala was Katy Perry in her Moschino Burger Dress.

We can all remember back in 2014 when the feud started. Apparently, three of Taylor Swift’s backup dancer during her Red Tour, was poached by Perry to dance for her Prismatic World Tour. The dancers told OK! Magazine that they felt bored in Swift’s tour so they managed to get on with Katy since they have been dancing for her previous tours as well.

It was in the middle of Taylor’s Red Tour when Katy Perry allegedly took her dancers for her new tour.

This issue was then fueled when Taylor Swift, released a track off from her 1989 album, Bad Blood, which was about a fellow female pop star she never knew if she was really a friend. Fans speculated that it was about Katy, particularly when Katy tweeted something cryptic the day after Taylor’s Rolling Stone cover story came out.

In 2015, Taylor Swift released her song Bad Blood which is allegedly about the Katy-Perry-Backup-Dancers incident.

In 2017, Katy came out with her fourth album, Witness, where she released her own version of a “diss track”, Swish Swish. It features Nicki Minaj who also had a feud with Taylor. Fans get into the theory that this is about Taylor since the title somehow resembles with Swift. But here’s to fuel the feud: when Katy released her album in June of 2017, Taylor then announced that she is bringing back ALL HER SONGS from Spotify, ON THE SAME DAY.

For some, it was a shady moment of Taylor to release all of her discography back in Spotify, the same day Katy released her new album.

Time went by and we were all clueless on the next things that will happen between the two. On the first night of Taylor Swift’s reputation tour, Katy gave an olive branch to Taylor, together with a letter. This was featured in Taylor’s IG Story, and this ushered the beginning of the healing process between the two.

In the beginning of Taylor’s reputation World Tour, Katy sent an olive branch with a note to address how she was sorry about the whole issue around them.

2019 came and the two both have plans of releasing their new catalogs. All of a sudden, Katy posted a photo in her Instagram of a plate of cookies with “Peace At Last” red frosting at the top, tagging Taylor Swift in the photo, with the geotag, Let’s Be Friends. This solidified the reconciliation of their friendship. But, it was cemented when the whole internet saw KATY APPEARING IN TAYLOR SWIFT’S MUSIC VIDEO!

After years of avoiding direct contact with each other, Katy posted a photo in her Instagram tagging Taylor Swift, with the geotag, “Let’s Be Friends”. The kitchen where it took place was Taylor’s, meaning she invited Katy to come over.

They were seen slow dancing, in a Burger and French Fries outfit, hugging and sending the message that everything is now back to normal. After the release of the video, the two posted identical photos of them in the happy meal outfit. All of these happening at once made big waves online and everyone declared that all is now at peace.


Taylor and Katy both posted this photo minutes after the You Need To Calm Down music video was released.

And that is our #ThursTea moment of the week!