5 Essential Outfits for The Rainy Season

Rainy season is here in the Philippines and one question popped out of our minds: “What am I gonna wear now?!”

But of course we enjoy the tapping of raindrops in our window panes, the cool weather even those little puddles in the pavement. Other than hot chocolate, a good outfit can also be this season’s perfect match. Here is a list of 5 Essential Outfits that we’ll make us appreciate the rainy season more.


  1. Oversized Coat
  • You can never go wrong with a nice, oversized blazer. Besides being comfy and cozy, it is also an alternative from your basic denim jacket.

Kim Kardashian looks good with her fashion style, layered by an oversized coat. A good fashion style this rainy season.

  1. Linen Pantsuit
  • We know that being stylish is your business so we suggest that you go out with a pantsuit.

Hailey Baldwin out here slaying with her linen pants, an ideal fashion style this rainy days.

  1. Comfy Joggers
  • A pair of joggers together plus stylish sweater plus your favorite kicks equate to a #OOTD for the rainy season!

    How to make jogger pants stylish this rainy season? Follow this outfit worn by Gigi Hadid.

  1. Classy Turtleneck
  • Well, this season screams #SweaterWeather so why not?

Cameron Diaz feeling comfy and cozy with her fancy turtleneck.

  1. Leather Jacket and Boots
  • Be a Rockstar, even under the rain, with the combo of leather jacket and boots.

Selena Gomez looking a real rockstar with her leather jacket and boots combo fashion style.

A wise philosopher once said, “I can make it through the rain”. You can also make it by picking the best stylish combo for the rainy season.