The Correct Order in Doing Skin Care

Nowadays, we don’t just get the vitamins we need to make our immune system strong. As we get conscious with our surroundings, we now make skin care as our priority. There is no wrong in caring for our skin but what we should think about is if it is done in the right way. Here is a checklist that you can use to see if you’re doing it correctly.


  1. Cleanser
  • The first thing in your skin care regimen is by cleansing your face. Doing it both in the morning and evening, use a cleanser designed for your skin type.


  1. Toner
  • Some people skip the toner part simply because it irritates the skin. Fortunately, toners today are made of substances to make your skin relaxed. Toners helps in balancing the skin’s pH after using harsh soaps.


  1. Serum
  • Serums are concentrated treatments that aids specific skin concerns. Most of the serums in the market are hydrating-type, but it’s much more than that. Keep serums in your skin care routine to get optimum results.


  1. Eye Cream
  • Eye creams are lighter than face moisturizers. As the name suggests, it maintains the thickness of the eyelid skin. Moreover, it improves the skin around the area and helps in preventing rashes and irritation.


  1. Spot Treatments
  • Spot treatments, just like serums, are focused to directly address skin concerns. For example, acne spots and dark spots in our face. Whatever concern it is, what’s recommended is to dab a thin layer over your spot and wait at least a minute for it to dry before moving on to the next step.


  1. Moisturizer
  • Even having an oily skin, we all need a moisturizer. Although we have glands that secrete oil to protect the skin, we need extra hydration agains the sun, weather and other chemicals that can harm the skin. Experts recommend that the best time to apply moisturizers is when your skin is still damp to ensure your skin’s hydration.


  1. Hydrating Mask / Face Oil
  • If your skin is on the dry side, you might want to use some hydrating masks or a face oil. These two are usually mild and helps in extra hydration.


  1. Sunscreen / Night Cream
  • In the morning, use sunscreen to protect your skin to the harmful rays of the sun. Remember that the bare-minimum SPF you need is SPF30. On the other hand, night creams are thicker and it helps in maintaining a high water content on your skin as you sleep.

To summarize, here is a cheat list to be our guide:

A Cheat List Guide in Step-by-Step Skin Care Routine. (Photo from

This list might be ideal for some, and others might need extra help by using products outside the list. No matter how useful this list is, what’s more important is for us to know what kind of products best suits our skin. It is the biggest organ in our bodies and it must be treated with the care it deserves.