Love is in the air with Aurea Vinluan’s collection at this year’s Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival!

Love is such a hard thing to explain but for Aurea Vinluan, she was able to express her thoughts about love with her collection, Sinta. Definitely inspiring. Here’s a sneak peek.

For her, as she was growing up, her thoughts on love was something magical, like a fairytale. But as time progress, she experienced it as painful and heartbreaking as well. But as she witnessed her parents love for each other, she knew that with the right person and time, love will always find you in the end. What a beautiful way of expressing a feeling towards a collection. Our hearts are fluttering!

If you wanna see more of Aurea’s collection, head on over to Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival’s website and register and experience the feeling of love as well as celebrating fashion and life, together.