Paying Tribute to His Illonggo Heritage, Fred Telarma is Headed to Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival!

A new face is going to walk in this year’s Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival. Any guesses? It’s no other than Fred Telarma! Here’s a sneak peek on what his collection is about.

Fred, who hails from Iloilo, wanted his collection to take inspiration from his home province.He wanted his collection to be a reflective journey of the authentic and present traditional Filipino fine art. To portray and celebrate the natural resources, industry, culture and values of his heritage. Hence, using the hablon, a traditional Filipino woven cloth as the main material of this collection. We can’t wait to see his whole collection!


Exciting, right? Head on over to Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival’s website and register while there’s still slots left! Come on and let’s celebrate fashion and life, together.