Showing Off Pinoy Pride wtih Egay Ayag at Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival’s 5th Anniversary!

Showing off his new collection, “Bakyang Toe”, Egay Ayag is back again showcasing us Pinoy pride at this year’s Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival! Who’s excited to see his collection? Cause we certainly are!

You guys might be wondering, why Bakyang Toe? Well, we got the gist. Bakyang Toe is inspired by the Filipino native foot ware which is the Bakya. With the bucolic textures, shapes, and colors, it has sparked the idea with Egay. He has tweaked and sublimated the modern apparel to pair with the carved soles of the wooden “bakya”.

We are so excited to see what he has created! If you are too, head on over to Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival’s website and register. Mabuhay! and let’s celebrate fashion and life, together.