Step into a New Era with Steph Tan at Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival!

A familiar face will grace the runway with her designs! It’s none other than Steph Tan.

Her latest collection “A Flight of Fancy” which we will try to keep a secret on what theme it is, will be showcased this Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival!

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Comfort and Confidence. These are the key elements in making a piece for Steph Tan. Also, a play on fun garments, without losing the feminine and sophisticated touch is what best describes Steph’s designs.

She believes that you shouldn’t always follow the what the latest fashion trends are. Just like the dress above, it looks like a reimagined 60s dress because of its modern touch and cut-outs. But, it gives you the same feeling of wanting to dance all night long!


So, do you want to see more? Are you excited to see how her whole collection will look like? Register now at the Panasonic Manila Website and Let’s Celebrate Fashion and Life, together.