Time to see the Summer Capital at Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival with Yong Davalos!

We are excited to announce that Yong Davalos is back and ready to walk the runaway for Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival’s 5th anniversary! With her upcoming collection, Summer Capital, we are excited to see what she has in stored.

Here’s a sneak peek of her collection. 

Yong Davalos always wants her audience to embrace their womanhood and express their feminine side. With her previous collection, Wednesday, there’s no doubt that it’s all about empowering women and inspiring them to embrace their own beauty. 

And a little birdie told us that Yong has a little surprise for us at the end of the event. Curious to know what it is? Then head on over to Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival’s website and register! We’ll see you there and let’s celebrate fashion and life, together.