Time to take a breather with ARIN’s collection at Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival!

It’s time to take a breather with Arin’s collection at this year’s Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival! Time to feel relaxed.

From last year’s collection, O’Keeffe, which was chic and sophisticated, Renan Pacson, the in-house designer for Arin, wanted to enhance Arin’s style with the help from the dutch. Uitwaaten or OUT-vwy-ehn as they pronounce it, is the dutch phrase of “to walk in the wind”. Taking a breather and clearing one’s head. So with his interpretation of calm and serenity, we are ecstatic to see what he has created.

Keep calm and hop on Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival’s website and register to see what Arin has in stored. Take a break and let’s celebrate fashion and life, together.