What’s The Trend: VSCO Girl

Every generation has its own trendy aesthetic. Growing up, ours was the “Tumblr” phase. It was mostly emotional teenagers writing poetry at Tumblr.com with a galaxy theme background for their profiles. Now, the generation Z has created their own aesthetic and it is called the “VSCO” girl.

You might be wondering, why VSCO girl? Well, here’s a little back story behind it. VSCO first started off as an editing app for pictures to post on Instagram and it became everyone’s go-to editing app. Years passed, and VSCO has created their very own version of Instagram yet without the likes, and of course the teens have secured their spots on the app. Thus, creating the so called VSCO girl.


It consists of girls (duh) with scrunchies around their wrists, Fjallraven Kanken backpacks on their shoulders and Hydroflasks full of stickers. Usually, you’ll see them in denim shorts, oversized shirts and Birkenstocks. They will be drinking Pinkity Drinkitys (thanks James Charles) from Starbucks and will be taking a LOT of pictures by the beach.

Because of the fashion and traits, VSCO girl has become popular for the young ones but is also mocked for its “basic” distinctiveness. They act a certain way that society considers them as immature. 

But, they are just like the usual teens going through their adolescent phase. Everyone has experienced the good ol teenage period. And to be honest, some of our choices back then is not something we are proud of. So let’s just leave these teenagers enjoy their Kanken backpacks and glossier lip balms cause for sure, they’ll reminisce their decisions when they are in their 20’s.