Underrated Youtubers to Follow for Fashion Tips

Who’s excited for the new upcoming trends for the year? Well, we are! Since last 2019, we have embraced the art of thrifting and sustainable fashion, this year hopefully a lot more of people appreciate the advocacy of the current fashion topic.

Of course, not all are very knowledgeable about these certain topics. So we found a few Youtubers that can help us out when it comes to sustainable fashion, personal style and embracing the staple pieces that you can wear on your everyday errands.


Well, to be honest a lot of youtube fanatics already know Ashley AKA Bestdressed. But come come on, she’s ASHLEY! The QUEEN of thrifting and giving her thrift finds a new life! Not only that, but she’s literally your big sister on youtube. She’ll help you with knowing the staple pieces in your closet, the do’s and don’t’s for outfits and even girl drama. Definitely deserves a part on our list!

Suggested Video:

The ultimate guide to closet essentials:


Thrift Flip:


Dearly Bethany

If you want a more cohesive wardrobe, Dearly Bethany is the girl for you! Not only does she create amazing and chic outfits with only monochrome colors, but she also teaches us the important texture and quality of purchasing high end brands. A sister with class, love it!

Suggested Video:

How to Monochrome | Wearing Solid Color Outfits:


Wear I Live

Jenny or Wear I Live on youtube is an underrated youtuber that is all about sustainability and veganism. She is also a fashion major graduate in New York so she pretty much as a lot of knowledge when it comes to fashion. You’ll also find her in thrift stores and making sure every clothing item has a certain quirk and uniqueness to it.

Suggested Video:

How to Find Your Personal Style and Style Reflection:


Elena Taber

Elena has been very open with purchasing sustainable clothing brands. As she respects the nature of veganism and sustainability, we love a sister that supports the goodness for our environment yet still looking sleek and chic!

Suggested Video:

Sustainable Summer Clothing Haul & Try On:



If you want to broad your style into menswear as well but looking feminine, ToThe9s is the duo! With the help of their friend, Gallucks, they shared to their audience of what outfit pieces you can do with your boyfriend, brother or fathers attire.

Suggested Video:

Styling Menswear: Classy/ Street