The Cons of Covid-19: Why Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Decided to Postone.

Well, 2020 has just started but the 3 months have already been quite a hefty experience. It feels as if we’ve been living 2020 for quite some time with all of the happenings that we have experienced for this year.

But the most recent thing that has created such an impact to our society right now is the COVID-19 virus. We’re guessing everyone knows about this issue as it has been a pandemic. It has caused a lot of mayhem, from hoarding a ton of groceries to disrupting our own personal lives with lockdowns.

And because of that, a lot events, occasions, gatherings, etc has been affected by that. One of which is Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival XII.

Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival has been on a roll for the last five years with two shows prepared every year. For this year’s theme, New Age of Fashion, they wanted to advocate that fashion can also be statement to the goodness of our economy. Their top priority with their them were about being more open and vocal about sustainability, innovation and diversity. However for this year, the first show it has been postponed to a latter date.

As much as they would like to continue this legacy they are building, the PMFF staff is much more concerned about the health and safety of their community. With their theme of being an advocate to the fashion industry, they also want to create awareness to what is happening to their country. Also, here’s a reminder from them to keep you safe from the on going virus.

But you don’t worry because you’re favorite fashion event is still on going! They are just going to monitor the situation so that you guys can enjoy the event, healthy!