TV Shows to Watch Based on your Mood During the Lockdown

With our current situation today, our community has mixed emotions. It’s hard to express and  fathom what is happening. And right now, we are holed up in our house, bored on what to do while this pandemic is occurring. If you’ve already explored your house and did all your houseworks, it’s time for you to sit down and enjoy watching some Netflix.

And because we are limited to go outside and meet up with some friends, I bet you’re hanging up on so much emotions right now. But hey! Don’t worry, we found a few Netflix series that might help you calm your mood.

If you’re feeling romantic

Crash Landing on You

If you’re a Kdrama fanatic, then you’ve probably heard of this series. It’s about a South Korean woman who suddenly crash lands in North Korea. It sounds scary at first but when she meets the oh so handsome army soldier, grab some popcorn cause you’re about to get oh so kilig!

Love is Blind

We’ve got a question for you, is love blind? Well, with this Netflix series, you’re gonna have some answers! This reality tv series is about a group of single men and women who will go on dates until they found their match. But here’s the catch, they won’t be seeing each other and they are going to be married at the end! I mean, it’s all about the deep connections ya’ll. Well, you better watch it to find out.

If you wanna kick some a**


If you wanna see some government officials getting their ass whopped by a man who’s nephew just passed away, buckle up.


Who killed Marina? This spanish series talks about the sudden death of one of the students in an elite school in Spain and hunting down who killed her.  Is it the scholar, the brother, the popular girl or soft boy?

And can I just side note, Ay dios mio, porque so atrayente chico and chicas?

If you want to feel good

The Good Place

If you’re feeling bad about something you did before the lockdown. Wait till you watch Eleanor and how she messed up even though she’s already dead.