Filipino Brands That Encourages Ethical Fashion

Our trends for fashion nowadays are branching out more towards sustainability.  And we found a few brands that practices zero waste management and create fashion statement pieces that can save our environment and our wardrobe. 

Here’s a few that has caught our fancy:


Rio Estuar, founder of Riotaso, once had a clothing brand that was doing really well. However, she noticed that there were a lot of scraps of material that was putting into waste. With that in mind, she created Riotaso, a play of her name with the word Retaso which means scraps fabric.

Now, Riotaso is raising funds to help sustain a team that can run the zero-waste space. They also created a workshop, “Riomedyo: An Upcycling Workshop by Riotaso Clothing” that teaches you on how to create/ transform your old fabrics into something memorable.

TELAStory inc.

A TELAStory Inc. is a small group of women from Binondo, Manila that creates garments using biodegradable textiles or locally sourced waste fabric. But you wouldn’t have guessed it because of how well made these clothes are!

With their income, they also house a livelihood program in Tagaytay for women in crisis named A Beautiful Refuge.

Lazy Fare

You’ve probably heard of Lazy Fare from articles circulating around the web, but we still included this brand because it was one of the first locally known sustainability brands that boosted.

The owners have four words for us to remember when we will shop at their physical store in Glorietta and that is Sustainable, Stylish and Budget Friendly.


If you’re looking for ethical accessories, Phinix is the one! Not only they cater bags, they also do shoes and other accessories with items such as plastic and textile waste. And what caught our attention is that all of their woven pieces were created by people with disabilities (PWDs) and that just touched our hearts!

Re Clothing

If you want your wardrobe pieces to be “one of a kind” Re clothing has a special trademark that is cute yet fashionable at the same time! They have an array of items that you can purchase on their website or instagram page.

To spice up their secondhand pieces or deadstock fabrics, they customize them with hand embroidered stitches with cute designs!

Rags to Riches

In a world where fashion and design are often seen as excess, R2R is proof that style and sustainability can co exist”

Rags to Riches has been one of the OG sustainable brands. It was founded in 2007 and has been the first brands to successfully practice sustainability and ethical working.

Kudos to Rags to Riches for being aware of sustainability since the early 2000s!