What the Fashion Industry has Been Doing During this Pandemic

When we talk about fashion, all we see is the glitz and glam, the stylish designers and  models strutting the runway. But that’s not what fashion is entirely all about.

Fashion is also a platform that talks about socially relevant subjects that affect our society. Case in point, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. With lockdowns and lives at stake, this pandemic literally made the world stop in its tracks.

COVID-19 is an infectious disease that is caused by a severe acute respiratory syndrome virus that can be transmitted by close contact. Symptoms are dry coughing, sore throat, fever, aching of muscle joints and shortness of breath. It started in Wuhan, China and has now been spreading all around the globe.

Aware of its role as one of the catalysts to make a difference, the fashion industry have been providing essential necessities for the frontliners to use while battling the virus.

And we’re here to show you what they have been doing:

Fashion For Frontliners


When the need for PPEs starts circulating around the web, our Filipino designers have gathered themselves and came up with the idea of creating homemade PPEs for our frontliners.

Yong Davalos, Steph Tan, Rob Ortega Bessie Bassana, Jill Lao, Andrea Tetangco, Viña Romero, Jot Losa and Dino Lloren are the designers behind all of this and they have raised over a million pesos. All of the proceeds will go into the manufacture of PPEs to be donated to hospitals and medical facilities to protect frontliners in their fight against the dreaded virus.

Kudos to our Filipino designers for doing this!


With the insufficient supply of facemasks, designers from all over the country took upon themselves to create their own versions. These handcrafted facemasks will be donated to as many people as possible to help protect them. 

 Art Personas in house designer, Renan Pacson.
RJ Santos
Santi Obcena
Michael Leyva

Putting our differences aside, we should all be aware of what’s happening to our world. And we should all help each other in ways that we could. Kudos to our Filipino designers for bringing their talent to a good cause.